How can I read my meter?

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Where is meter

The majority of water meters are usually fitted outside near your outside stop tap. It will be under a small metal or plastic cover in your driveway, garden or nearby footpath.

If your meter is indoors it can usually be found under the kitchen sink by your inside stop tap.

If you need any help locating your meter or if your meter is difficult to access - for example, if it is in the road or the cover is too heavy, please contact us and we’ll come and do this for you.

If your meter is outside, you will need to lift open the cover. There should be a small lip on the edge, but you may need a screwdriver to help lift it. Under the cover there should be a foam or polystyrene disc. This protects your meter from frost so please make sure you replace it.

How do I read my meter?

You can submit your meter reading online at any time.

You only need to record the black numbers, which show the amount of water you've used in cubic metres (m³). Depending on the type of meter, it may have four or five of these. Please ignore the red numbers (these record tenths and hundredths of a cubic metre).

If you need help with submitting your reading, watch our short how-to guide on finding and reading your water meter:

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