Water meters

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Switch to a water meter

Have more control over your bills by only paying for the water you use..

Request a water meter

The benefits of having a water meter

Metering is the fairest way to pay as you are charged on what you use.

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Request a water meter

Find out how to switch to a water meter and request one online.

Request a water meter

Find and read your meter

Watch our short how-to video guide on how to access and read your meter.

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Submit your meter reading

You can submit your reading online at any time.

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Metered charges

Find out how much you are likely to pay and what to do if your bill seems higher than it should.

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Joint customers with Southern Water

Find out how we're working with Southern Water to measure the water and wastewater you use.

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Our metering trials

Find out about our continuing plans to reduce leakage.

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Smart metering

All about our programme to install new metering technology in our region.

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