Non-return of water to the sewer

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If you think you qualify for a wastewater reduction allowance, you can make a claim using our online form:

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If your water usage is complicated, you may prefer to download and complete one of the more detailed claim forms below:

Qualifying for the wastewater reduction allowance

To qualify for the allowance you should:

  • have a metered water supply
  • be able to show that more than ten per cent of the water supplied to your property is not returned as wastewater to our public sewer
  • have at least 12 months of meter readings 
  • be a named customer on the account

You'll also need to work out the value of any of the water that is not returned to our sewer, using the leaflet below:

Water lost through leakage should not be included in any calculation of the amount of water that is not returned to our sewers.

We review all wastewater reduction accounts on a regular basis.

See also

Commercial allowances cover:

  • Manufacturing use  
    Where water is part of the product, such as soft drinks
  • Process use 
    For significant evaporation loss
  • Irrigation 
    For regular watering of sports fields or garden centres
  • Discharge to a private outfall 
    Where wastewater is not returned to a public sewer but to a watercourse, soakaway or similar

Domestic allowances cover:

  • Irrigation 
    Where a large amount of water is used to water a large garden
  • Use of swimming pools / ponds 
    When water is lost through evaporation
  • Discharge to a private outfall 
    Where water runs to a private outfall such as a watercourse, soakaway (or similar) but there is still a connection to our public sewer