Changing your account details

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Online account

The quickest and easiest way to let us know of any changes you wish to make is through your online account.

Sign in to update your mailing address, email address and contact number instantly.

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Online forms

If you're not ready to sign up to an online account but would like to update your mailing address, please fill in our dedicated form.

Change your mailing address

To change the main name on your account or for anything else, please use our general enquiry form. Alternatively, you can contact us.

Adding account holders

When adding additional named account holders, we need permission from the person being added to the account.

If the main named account holder leaves your property, we require notification from a named account holder who is staying at the property.

If the people remaining at the property are not currently named account holders, you will need to complete our online form, or contact us.

Amending your name on the account

If you have changed your name or you've noticed your name is spelt wrong on your bill, please fill in our online form to let us know.

Power of attorney

If you are granted power of attorney, please send copies of all supporting documents, such as a copy of a solicitor's letter, to:

Thames Water

PO BOX 286


SN38 2RA

We will then update the named account.

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